Indie Awards 2023

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Born in 2019 by Vassilis Polyzos and Lefteris Kallergis, THE VSCOPE is a digital marketing agency dedicated to making brands stand out. In a whirlwind of celebration and excitement, THE VSCOPE’s jaw-dropping talents and hard work took center stage at the Indie Awards 2023. The prestigious event celebrated the very best in digital marketing, and The VSCOPE emerged victorious.

With great pride, THE VSCOPE secured a total of four awards, consisting of three bronze accolades and a shining silver triumph. More specifically, THE VSCOPE’s outstanding Performance results and impeccable Social Media Strategy for Stella Island Luxury Resort, earned them one silver and one bronze award respectively. Further amplifying their success, THE VSCOPE received another bronze award for our stellar digital campaign for Numo Ierapetra.  Last but not least, another bronze award was for the remarkable video production for Magma Resort Santorini

These four awards, each representing a distinct aspect of THE VSCOPE’s expertise, reflect their unwavering dedication and passion for pushing boundaries. With a firm commitment to delivering exceptional results since 2019, THE VSCOPE has solidified its position as a leading force in the digital marketing industry. With our impressive track record and creativity, THE VSCOPE is about to continue reshaping the digital marketing landscape and inspiring others in the industry.

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